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Refunds & Return Policy

Claims made for broken or damaged products will be covered through post carrier insurance and the customer must make a claim through their accompanying website. 

All damages are to be handled through the parcel service selected and the customer agrees to this when using our services.

Use this link to process claims through USPS:

Use this link to process claims through UPS:

If any items are returned to sender due to damage, the undamaged items will be refunded to the customer and we will start a claim for damaged products. Upon conclusion of the claim we will refund the awarded amount back to the customer. The customer is encouraged to complete the claim on their side as to cut down on claim processing time, as we must receive the package in question before we are able to proceed. Shipping charges are non-refundable in any and all circumstances. 

All glass bottle sodas are ordered at the customers discretion and the customer understands that once the bottles leave the hands of the Exotic Pop Team we are no longer liable for damage that takes place in transit. If an order with a glass bottle is damaged please contact your shipping carrier.

All limited edition, seasonal, or otherwise foreign sodas, beverages, and snacks are purchased at the customers discretion and the customer understands that some of these items, due to their limited nature as well as importation process, hold a possibility of expiration or loss of carbonation. Due to the collectible nature of our items, Products are not guaranteed to be within expiration periods, and in most cases will see discounts in the event items currently on hand have expired or gone past their best by date. Please contact us directly for information on current product dating. Returns are accepted for items returned in original condition. Contact us directly to inquire.

Carbonation loss can be caused by change in elevation and temperature as carbonation is caused by a gas. Your package will undergo both changes in temperature and elevation during transport. Desert Drinks cannot be held liable for damages or changes to the product as a result of postal transit. Please contact your shipping carrier for insurance and reimbursement matters involving only damaged items as expiration or loss of carbonation is a risk understood by the customer.

All above terms are understood by and accepted by the customer at time of purchase. 

For any other questions about claims and potential refunds or returns please email

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