About Exotic Pop

The Soda Beverage Industry has entered a new phase of consumer engagement that drive sells through relateble product identity, authenticity of product consumption by influencers and celebrities as well as consumers ability to socially interact with the brands connection to lifestyle. Exotic Pop LLC created this movement to merge the gap between consumer and product compatibility and we are on the front end of it, already outpacing traditional soda brands in filling a void left by the outdated model used by old school beverage brands to sell carbonated products. 

Charleston Wilson is “the go-to concierge for hip hop artists” according to the Houston Chronicle. Wilson was inspired to create Exotic Pop after he began purchasing sodas exclusive to Louisiana and reselling them at a Houston barber shop for a significant markup to compensate for the acquisition costs of the products. Given the increasing demand, he established an Instagram profile (@ExoticPop), began posting photos of the goods along with prices, and offered free delivery to eager customers. The requests immediately came pouring in. A serial entrepreneur since kindergarten, Wilson gave up his other ventures to pursue Exotic Pop full-time. His dream is to build a snack and beverage empire for millennial's and generations to come.